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Sex FanFic

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Daniella & Chris. two people that been friends for a while and start having sex, which leads to other things.

A Chris Brown FanFic

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My men got swag


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Chapter 8


i waited in the waiting room as they took Danielle back into one of the rooms. i sat there thinking about what could possibly be wrong with her. can she die? will she live? is she okay? will i see her alive again? is it my fault? i asked myself.

"um, young man." a nurse said, walking into the waiting room and i looked up at her. "she would like to see you." the nurse smiled and i got up, following her to Danielle’s room.

i walked in her room and saw her laying there, looking weak as fuck. i walked over towards her and sat down next to her, kissing her forehead. the doctor walked in the room and the nurse walked out, shutting the door.

i held her hand as the doctor started talking. “so it says here that you are 17 Danielle.” the doctor said, looking at the papers he held in his hands. she nodded and he flipped through pages. “and you have been having abdominal pains, right?” he asked and she nodded, once again. i tightened my hand around hers.

the doctor sighed, walking towards me and Danielle. “im sorry to say this, but—” he trailed off, sighing. “you’ve lost your baby.” the doctor said and my eyes widened. “ohh you didn’t know—-you were pregnant.” the doctor informed us.

i looked over at Danielle and she was crying. “im so sorry for your lost.” the doctor said, walking out of our room.


i was pregnant and i didn’t even know. i’ve lost a baby i didn’t even know about and it still hurts me.

i sat there crying. i blame this on myself. maybe if i wasn’t such a fucking horny whore, fucking Chris like every fucking hour, i would’ve knew or had time to think about if i was pregnant or not; how many times that nigga just came up in me.

i was ashamed of myself. how would i tell my brother or my mom that i got pregnant but lost the baby i didn’t even know about. that shit will hurt both of them, like it’s hurting me.

 "im sorry." Chris apologized, standing up, ready to kiss me, but i moved my head to the side and he kissed my cheek. "what’s wrong with you?" he asked me. "just leave Chris." i cried. "whatever." he said, leaving out of my room. 

wow! i at least thought he was going to fight me about it.

i laid there in the bed for about 1 hr, crying until i decided to get up and leave. i checked out the hospital and left. i walked down the street, looking down at the ground, kicking rocks, crying. my wet tears dropped on the side walk, as they came out of my watery, red eyes.

i wish i never even started fucking Chris, we should’ve just stayed friends. 

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My mom has cancer. Reblog if you care. I’m showing her this on Thanksgiving when I get to see her again. Tumblr love is good love.

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I swear they love having sex LOL but what happen to her :/ next chapter?

We have to wait til’ Tee’ write her part , ayee they said having sex is healthy for you ! Lmaooo .


thank you for the promo, im gonna do yours today ! & im gonna read your other one too ! lol sorry im slacking ive been busy :)

Its OK : )

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thanks for the follow ! i love your chapter so far , i just started reading them and im already hooked ! id love it if you followed my new fan fic: its called togetherforeverfanfic , let me know what you think ? :) & if you wanna do promo for promo let me know !

Can we do a promo? Lolsss , I love it <3 . Thankss : ) Can you read my other story : thatcrazytypeoflove(.)tumblr(.)com : ) Thankss !

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Chapter 7

( Danielle )

When I woke up Chris was sound asleep . I snuck outta bed and got in the shower . Once I got out the shower Chris was laying in bed , staring at me .

" Morning babe , you scared me ", I laughed .
" Morning , come her ."

I walked over and sat beside him .

" I love you "
" I love you too , whats wrong? "
" Nothing , now come sit on my lap . I wanna hold you . "

I sat on his lap and he held me .

( Chris )

I held her for a few minutes and the looked in her eyes . I kissed her . I started to caress her face and add tongue to our kisses . I didn’t wanna fuck , I wanted to make love to her .

" Babe? "

" Yes , Chris "
" Can we … make love ? "

She didnt answer , she just kissed me . I guess that’s a yes . I took her shirt off and layed her down . My pants and shirt were already off .

( Danielle )

He started to suck on my neck sending chills through my whole body . A slight moan escaped my mouth . He turned me over to take my bra , with his teeth . Then he turned me back over and started sucking on one boob ad caressing the other .

" Ohh , Chris ", I moaned .

He went down lower and took my panties off .

" You ready? "

I nodded .

He took his boxers off and rubbed the head against my opening .

" Chris , you know how much I hate it when you tease me ", I said in a moany voice .

He started to rub it against my entrance harder .

" Chris , stop te-teasin-sing me ! "

" The more you tell me to stop the harder I’m going to do it ."

He rubbed it even harder .

" Now beg baby"

" Daddy please"

" Louder "

" Daddy please ! "

" Louder!"

" Daddy please , stick your manhood in me ! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ! "

" Thats more like it ", He said in my ear .

He stuck his dick in me and started going slowly . A little moan popped out of my mouth . Chris increased his pace within seconds .

" Yes! "

He groaned and I moaned . My moans grew louder as he went faster .

" Chriss , I’m about to cum ! "

My legs were trembling , is breath was choppy , my walls were closing , and he was sweating on me .

" Babe , I’m about to cum too ! "

I came and he came inside of me seconds later . He plopped down and layed beside me .

" That was all for you "

" I’ll return the favor later , you got me tired again .

He laughed, ” OK , babe”

I layed down on his chest , listened to his heatbeat until I drifted to sleep . I felt him kiss my forehead .

( Chris )

What am I going to do without this girl? She is my life . We’ve known each other since Kindergarten . I never would’ve imagined us in this situation . I want her in my life forever . I can’t mess this up . She’s been there for me through all the pain and suffering . If I mess this up , I dont know what I’ll do with myself .

" I love you ", I whispered in her ear .

" I love you more than anything ", she said .

I smiled . I feel like the luckiest man in the world .

( Danielle )

I woke up and started to feel abdomanal pains .

" You OK babe? ", he worried .
" Take me to the hospitial "

We rushed to the hospital .

" WE NEED HELP! ", Chris yelled .
" What happened?" , the nurse said while helping me to the wheelchair .

" I woke up with abdomanal pains", I said .

"Doctor!", the nurse yelled .
" Yes", Dr. Slayton said .

She whispered something in his ear .

" OK", Dr. Slayton said .

I dont know what’s happening . I hope everythings OK .

( Chris )

What the fuck is happening?



i been waiting for my sex scenes for like the longest -________-

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